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A Prescription Drug Plan Can Help You Save

If you live in New York and need help paying for medications, Blue Rx has Medicare prescription drug plans with broad coverage and low monthly premiums. Blue Rx is a partnership between Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Excellus, and HealthNow. Our plans are available in every county in New York.
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Blue Rx Benefits Save You Time and Money

Without a Medicare drug plan, you pay full price for every prescription you need. This can be costly. With a Blue Rx plan, you can take advantage of our low copays and mail delivery options.

Here are some ways you’ll save:

  • Save at the pharmacy: Our network includes more than 65,000 pharmacies. That’s almost every pharmacy in America. Nearly half of those are preferred pharmacies we work with to help you save on drug costs.

  • Save on copays and premiums: Blue Rx plans have competitive monthly premiums and low or no copays for generic drugs.

  • Save time and skip the line: You might be able to skip the pharmacy completely for drugs you take on an ongoing basis. Our Blue Rx plans offer home delivery and long-term drug supplies. Even better, certain drugs come with discounts for home delivery and 90-day refills.

Learn more about how Part D works with Medicare. You can also find out how deductibles and drug tiers factor into your prescription costs.

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Extra Help Paying for Prescription Drugs

If you need help paying Part D plan costs, such as premiums, deductibles, and copays, find out if you qualify for the Extra Help program.

Extra Help is a federal program that offers assistance for prescription drug costs. It also waives late enrollment penalties for Part D. You can visit the Social Security website or local office to apply.

Many people are not aware they meet the requirements for these programs. So even if you’re not sure, it’s worth it to check with Social Security to see if you qualify.

Estimate Your Costs

It’s easy to find out what you’ll pay with a Blue Rx Part D plan when you use our search tool. What you pay for medications comes down to what drugs you’re taking, and if your plan covers them on a lower tier. A lower tier often means lower prices.

How to estimate your costs ahead of time:

  1. Go to Find Your Covered Drugs
  2. Enter your ZIP code
  3. Enter the drugs you take to create a list and compare prices

The search tool also factors in out-of-pocket costs, such as monthly premiums, so you’ll have an estimate of what you’ll pay.

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